South Louisiana is the “Land of Giants”…

Gregg Arnold Giant reds Header

We’re on a mission to give the world the opportunity to catch truly monsterous redfish. And there is no better place to catch GIANT REDS than Louisiana!

In late Fall, schools of redfish inundate the maze of lagoons, bays and bayous that make up the Louisiana coast, fattening up for the winter months.

Let Gregg Arnold and his team of expert, licensed captains introduce you to this region’s incredible fishing for monster redfish, huge black drum and gator-sized speckled trout. We’ve guided anglers to many WORLD RECORD REDFISH.

You’ll fish from modern skiffs equipped with poling and elevated casting platforms, sight-casting to big, feeding fish in knee-deep water. We only sight fish – no blind casting. And to top it off, the marsh areas that we fish are true wilderness areas, where you rarely see another boat, much less another fisherman!

If you tire of the red fishing, we also offer offshore fishing for tuna, cobia, and other pelagic species.

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