Red Goatee

Our Typical Day…

For bookings of two days or more, our trips include lodging and meals. On the day of the trip, my guide will pick you up after breakfast, and you’ll ride to the launch together. The drive will be spent talking about the plan for the day, which typically lasts 7 to 10 hours, depending on sunlight, wind and water conditions. We do not work “on the clock” and we do not leave working fish. After the fishing trip, you and the guide will return to a gourmet 5-course Louisiana dinner and open bar.

Some people gauge the day by the number of fish caught. I gauge the day based on the pounds of fish caught and released. When I boat 6 to 8 fish that add up to 200 pounds in a single day of redfishing, I’m on ‘em.

I provide all the gear: rods, reels, flies and leaders. I encourage you to leave your equipment at home because of the hassle of flying and checking your gear.

However, if you elect to bring your gear, I will work with you and if necessary, will make suggestions to assure a productive experience (our WHAT TO BRING page has some good starting information). We can also provide spinning gear for those who don’t fly-fish, or when conditions prohibited fly fishing.

My philosophy is that the day belongs to the angler. Guides are all about putting you on fish. We want to catch fish with a fly rod, but if you get tired or the wind is too strong, we don’t quit. We simply use another method of fishing to finish the day. Satisfaction is what the angler and the guide are both looking for, and we will make sure that happens!

You will be visiting a beautiful, off-the-beaten-track part of the world where the people are warm, and friendly. Even though this part of Louisiana was devastated by Hurricane Katrina and the flood, when you visit, I encourage you to look for the positive. The marsh and the people who live here are a resilient bunch. Enjoy our Southern hospitality, and our incredible fishing. Lots of folks say the fishing is better than before Katrina. We’re not going anywhere and neither have the fish.

Thanks and looking forward to putting you on ‘em!

Captain Gregg Arnold

P.S. – My customers that have fished for these bigger fish are available for your telephone call as references on my behalf. Or check out the testimonials here.